Roving Around Athas

The Keep Spreads

Note to the players: we are back on the bandwagon after a month’s haitus.

Time Elapsed this Session: Four Days.
Total Time of Athas: Twenty-seven weeks and one day.

A few key things happened during this session:

  • The party declined Al’Akbar’s offer to be their personal apothecary. (declined)
  • The city of Balic sent a delegation to collect taxes (2000gp a month) and demand a garrison headed by Nara Docistus (declined)
  • Tyr sent a representative, Ranez Pawtracer, with the demands that (1000gp a month) be paid in taxes. (accepted)
  • A Dray, by Furysneak Hophron, petitioned asylum for his people in the land surrounding the keep. (accepted)
  • Members of the Children of the Dragon petitioned to build a temple either on the grounds or near the keep. (declined)



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