Roving Around Athas

The Fall of Valthrun

Some People Just Need to Die

Time passed this particular session: Three days.
Total time passed overall: Twenty-eight weeks and four days.

Our heroes donned disguises and were taken as new recruits for Children of the Dragon by missionaries in Celik. A middle aged preacher by the name of Janus Januson and his assistant Isaiah Herdship were convinced that the heroes were willing to learn more about the faith, despite possibly being slightly mentally unstable and heavily cloaked.

When the party was brought back to the cult lair, Janus initiated a baptismal ceremony for the party. Our heroes, thinking on their feet, dumped their baptismal tub of scalding water over Melhavoc and themselves rather than expose their disguises by putting their hands in the tub.

After being initiated into the cult, our heroes investigated the cult complex. Valthrun, who had something of a hidden research lab at the site, used Isaiah Herdship to delivery information and fetch supplies. A deal of some sort was offered to Drax, and

Valthrun collapsed the entrance of the cult complex and had servitors attempt to kill the PCs. The PCs teleported back into the compound and had a final show-down with Valthrun, but not before resurrecting and then re-killing Isaiah to fuel one of Valthrun’s teleportation portals.

Valthrun died in a fit of hurbris, unable to grasp on to the ledge of his platform, plummeting to the ground.



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