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  • Mildred the Red

    Mildred was, by all accounts, the leader of an elven militia in the city of [[Kelethin | Kelethin]]. She died attempting to prevent the PCs from using a portal to transport to the temple-city of [[Pharlos | Pharlos]].

  • Xalos the Stonecutter

    Xalos the Stonecutter was a well-respected merchant who headed one of the few quarries in Tyr. For the past few months, it had become increasingly apparent that Xalos the Stonecutter was acting very unusual. He would go into the Warrens and meet with …

  • Belegand Ildir

    Belegand Ildir was the High Seer and Majordomo of the city-temple of Pharlos. He sacrificed himself to allow the party transport back to Athas. It also appears he was the author or custodian of a prophecy he gave to the PCs.

  • Faenor Arfalas

    Faenor Arfalas was the overseer of a quarry near the city-state of Kelethin in the mirror-world of Sathir. He was killed by the party.

  • Aldor Shahram

    Aldor Shahram is a Tyrian socialite. Born in Rahm, she escaped to Tyr and became close to a noble by the name of Tyrell Shahram and caused much scandal by marrying him. She is also rumored to be a consort for King Tythian. Naturally, those vile …

  • Raulf Neville

    The party encountered Raulf Neville only briefly during their trial in the city of Tyr. Raulf testified as a character witness for the prosecution. Claiming to be guard on the caravan the party originally took into Tyr, it was revealed that he had been …

  • Yoren Janusen

    Yoren Janusen was a well-respected retailer of House Wavir. In addition to leading caravans, he was known as an occasional bounty hunter and informant for the various city-states as a side job. Yoren Janusen at some point approached Tyrian authorities …

  • Kalak

    Kalak was the absolute ruler and Sorcerer King of Tyr. He was a master Sorcerer and Psionicist. In life, he was a diminutive man who wore a long purple robe. Upon his head sat a golden diadem, the crown of the king of Tyr. A wispy fringe of gray hair …

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