Xalos the Stonecutter

A bulky and friendly man.


Xalos the Stonecutter was a well-respected merchant who headed one of the few quarries in Tyr.

For the past few months, it had become increasingly apparent that Xalos the Stonecutter was acting very unusual. He would go into the Warrens and meet with unsavory characters. He kept an odd sleeping schedule, and he didn’t recognize many of his friends or former customers.

The party discovered that Xalos was actually killed months prior, right around the time they fled Tyr from Templars. In his place a group of doppelgangers took his place, just as Arisphistaneles had been impersonated before.

The party, exposing the doppelgangers, turned one of them over to the city militia and Ambrose Ivory.

Xalos the Stonecutter

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