Valthrun the Backward

A Mad Rakshasa.


Valthrun the Backward is a rakshasa, a form of creature not native to Athas. They are shapeshifters and masters of illusion magic.

He is known by the PCs to be responsible for the deaths of Lorek the Stubborn, the representatives of House M’ke in Tyr, and several elf guards from the forest city-state of Kelethin. Valthrun seems to have has a particular fondness for using teleportation rituals over small-scales for killing, dismembering, or torturing victims.

He temporarily forged an alliance with the PCs while on the mirror world of Sathir. Though he helped the party through the city of Kelethin, he betrayed the party while they were retrieving an Orb of Amplification in Pharlos. By using Belegand Ildir as a willing sacrifice, Valthrun redirected a portal from the Abyss to Athas. Unfortunately for the party, Valthrun had somehow managed to notify authorities in Tyr of their possible imminent arrival, and redirected the portal to a precise spot in Tyr where the party was intercepted by half a century of Tyrian Templars.

Valthrun was posing as Tyrian merchant and bounty hunter by the name of Yoren Janusen. With Yoren’s body discovered, it is assumed that Valthrun has either left Tyr or is masquerading as another person.

It is assumed that Valthrun was collecting eyes from his victims to create beholder-like constructs. The party fought and defeated on such construct in a makeshift laboratory in the Warrens of Tyr.

Valthrun the Backward

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