King of Tyr


Formerly a Senior Templar under Kalak, Tithian seized control of Tyr immediatly following the sorcerer-king’s demise. Tithian is often heralded as the “liberator of Tyr.”

Tithain’s power bases is not yet secure. A number of factions within Tyr are still attempting to take control of the city-state. Fortunitly for Tithian, they have yet to organize enough power to challenge his authority. So while the factions bicker and quarrel with each other, King Tithian works diligently to solidify is rule. He must act slowly, for fear that if he takes to much control to fast, the combined factions will rise up against him. Instead he plays a subtle political game, taking small amount of control here and there and undermining the various factions of Tyr, without most of them realizing it. To this end he has formed a counsil to help craft and administer laws.

His support is strongest among many of Kalak’s former Templars. But there are still a few Templars who are angered by Tithian’s betrayal of their master and questions wether he can take the place of their former master. At the same time, some of Tyr’s leaders fear that Tithian may be attempt to take Kalak’s place as sorcerer-king of the city, but so far Tithian has shown that he wants freedom within Tyr and the entire Tyr Region.


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