Kalak was the absolute ruler and Sorcerer King of Tyr. He was a master Sorcerer and Psionicist.

In life, he was a diminutive man who wore a long purple robe. Upon his head sat a golden diadem, the crown of the king of Tyr. A wispy fringe of gray hair hung from the golden circlet, but his pate is bald and scaly with age. Lines of anger and hate deeply crease his brow, a thousand years of bitterness burned in his gaze, and a scowl hangs upon his dry, cracked lips. Pallid, wrinkled flesh dangles from his cheeks and jaw, and it looks as if the man has been fasting for a hundred years. For all anyone knew, he was. Kalak was killed by his High Templar Tithian and a group of adventureres.

The party met a wraith of Kalak in a dream-vision of sorts. He promised them power for a certain Orb of Amplification.


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