Roving Around Athas

Upkeeping the Keep

Arriving at the keep the party briefly talked to one of he hill giant laborers. Construction on the keep was well under way when the party arrived, the hill giant estimated that maybe two weeks remained before the keep was finished.

One of the mercenaries, Andal Swornsword, approached the party and brought them up to speed on the status of the dried well. Andal was responsible for supervising the transportation of supplies and the logistics of constructing the keep. He informed the party that since the well had run dry, 500gp a week would be required to supply the keep with enough water for all the laborers.

Our PCs ventured into the dried well. The party encountered two points of note:

  • At the bottom of the well, a cavern with a natural spring was fueling a non-sentient giant water elemental and several smaller water elemental spawns. Said elemental was preventing any water from leaving the cave. A glowing eye of Dagon sat at the back of the room, claiming obvious responsibility for the well problems.
  • Also at the bottom of the well was a huge construct, a clockwork Designator.

The PCs were able to activate the dormant construct and easily convinced him to help the party purge the well. The clockwork construct, nicknamed RJ by Sager, was used to freeze the giant water elemental in place while the party destroyed the smaller elemental spawns. Destroying the elementals caused the water levels in the well to rise rapidly and nearly trapped Drax in a watery grave.

Several key points were revealed by RJ. The Designators were created to be servants of Athas and his master race, halflings. All other races were meant to be either exterminated or subjugated under halfling rule. The sorcerer kings seemed to sealed Raajat away “beyond the Gray” for reasons RJ did not specify and likely did not know.

The PCs emerged from the well and supervised the rest of the construction of the keep. Melhavoc concocted a plan to create a distillery and ice-making revenue streams, which currently is generating 2500gp a week.

Time Elapsed this Session: One day and two weeks.
Total Time Elapsed: Twenty four weeks and two days.



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