Roving Around Athas

The Trial of the Athasian Adventurers

This was a long and elaborate session. I will copy and lightly edit my campaign notes for the session just so I don’t have to repeat everything over again:

Most of the party was held in a dungeon called “The Pit.” Located near the edge of the Smith District and by the walls to the Templar District, the pit is a former quarry heavily guarded by both militia and templars. The quarry rests at a nadir of 200 feet below the Smith District proper. Cells are hollowed out areas in the quarry, with the only exits being heavily guarded ladders connected to scaffolds.

Siegfried and Pots seem to be well-connected in this prison complex. They asked for a bust of Tehosian before helping the party. The PCs agreed and managed to clandestinely get the bust for the duo. This may have enabled the party to essentially buy one of the jurors, Gavin Sul.

Melhavoc, on the other hand, was put in an extremely lavish manor under house arrest. She had much more access to the outside world than the rest of the party. Shortly after her arrest charges were dropped, and she was free to move about the city again.

The People of the Court
Ambrose Ivory — Prosecuting Magistrate
Judge Xalos the Stonecutter
Judge Gavan Sul
Judge Tyrell Shahram

Opening Arguments
Snapgnaw is a known mage and obviously a Balician Spy
Drax the Destroyer is a known Balician gladiator
Shin and his cohort Groot are known Zigguraut tresspassers.
Melhavoc the Shadowlady is a known whore
Sager is obviously an abomination and/or creation of Snapgnaw’s
Cvrem is a spy from Urik.

“This dray, he was duly elected in his to represent his district and enclave in Balic.”
Exhibit 1 — The Election — A Poster
“We have witnesses who can say he casts magic with reckless abandon
Guard from House M’ke Caravan — Raulf Neville
“We saw him decimate a group of elves with a giant orb of terror. He always wore a hood to conceal himself.”
Halfling traveler — Babwa Swiftfooted
“He dazzled us with magics and made us all afraid. He convinced us that the monster who ate our dead comrades heads was to be placated.
Altaruk citizen — Darrio the Drunk
“Him and the minotaur consorted with a djinn! I saw it with my own eyes!”

“We, too, have witnesses of this man’s past in Balic”
Mincewind the Scarred
“My fierce enemy in the pits. He killed his master in cold blood.”
“We also have a picture of Drax. This is a giant mural on the colosseum in Balic”
Exhibit 2 — Image of the Mural of Drax

Witness: Guard from Zigguraut — Serah Mildrow
“We saw him and the minotaur racing up the zigguraut. They scared me and my children."

“This is the tub deposits of sarin grain in the ruins of the M’ke compound.”
Exhibit 3 — Tubs of sarin grain
“These poisons could only be obtained in Balic, and are extremely expensive. They were obviously going to be used to kill a large number of people.”

Just look at this creature. He’s obviously an abomination made by a defiler.

Exhibit 4 — The Family Tree of Cvrem

The Big Case
The party was to sneak into the city of Tyr via the M’ke Caravan.

Once inside the city, the party was going to begin a reign of terror by killing a large portion of the population.

Instead, the party had to first contend with Lorek the Stubborn, who must have uncovered their plans and notified Yorin Janusen. They went to slay Lorek. Unfortunately, Templars could not arrive in time to save Lorek. The party managed to escape the M’ke compound through tunnels that were connected to the sewers and Tyrian Undercity.

Meeting with Cvrem, a spy from Urik, the party scaled the Ringing Mountains and the Forest Ridge only to elude our corps of psions. They consorted with unspeakable horrors in the Forest Ridge and returned to the independent city of Freedom to plot the demise of Tyr.
Leaving Freedom, the party went back to Altaruk. They narrowly missed being intercepted by our psionic overminds in Altaruk when the suddenly left for the dessert to consort with savage hill giants.

Our friend Yorin Janusen, a former merchant and bounty hunter of repute, was able to help our apprehend the party by offering a “clandestine” way back into the city of Tyr. Yorin is now dead and cannot testify before us to verify all of this.

We hereby formally charge Snapgnaw, Cvrem, Drax, Sager, and Melhavoc, along with the minotaur Groot, and the abomination Shalhai in absentia with crimes against the city of Tyr. Attempting to assassinate King Tythian, the murder of Lorek the Stubborn and a dozen of his employees, and attempted sedition and rebellion in land under the protection of Tyr. We hereby present all this evidence for examination by our jurors for King Tythian the Liberator.

Verdict: Not Guilty -2 Guilty -1.

The party was acquitted of all charges.

Length of the Trial: Two weeks.
Total Time Elapsed: Twenty weeks and six days.



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