Roving Around Athas

Post Trial Tribulations

The party, acquitted of their crimes (actual and falsified, right?), left the courthouse to discover the grisly scene of Raulf Neville, his Templar escorts, and six templar witnesses with heads on pikes outside the Templar’s Courthouse. Their eyes were missing, and the heads were removed using teleportation magic.

Sager was given a letter from a Xalos the Stonecutter, asking for information on his people, Shardminds.

Snapgnaw, after witnessing the heads on pikes, sprinted to Xalos’s store front. There he met a Xalos, and proceeded to ask him for advice. “Xalos” answered the questions to the best of his abilities.

Melhavoc, meanwhile, was in the middle of throwing a party. A massive one that disrupted the normal flow of events in the Noble District.

Drax, Sager, Shin, Cvrem, and Sausage roamed the market. Drax got a letter from Avery detailing how they should stop fucking around with geopolitics. The letter also noted that their keep was well under construction, but that the well had run dry.

The party reconvened a day after the trial. Melhavoc and Sager exchanged information and noted the insanely contradictory pieces they knew about Xalos.

The party made way to interrogate Xalos, and they discovered “him” during a shift change. Two doppelganger underlings were trading shifts. Snapgnaw immediately killed one and forced the other to surrender. Said underling wasn’t able to tell them much, the boss was a man named “Gind.” But there was also the cat. The cat man they all feared.

The PCs informed the Psion Overmind/Magistrate Ambrose Ivory. He joined the PCs to investigate their claims. The doppelganger underling took them to a lab that the cat man used sometimes. He torturned people there, and our doppelganger friend wanted nothing to do with the lab.

The PCs encountered some cultists and a beholder. PCs defeated my poor beholder and purged the lab of cultists. Deciding to take a look their keep, the party left Tyr with Ambrose’s caravan.

Time Elapsed this Session: One Day in Tyr and A week and a day of travel.
Total Time Elapsed: Twenty-two weeks and a day.



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