Roving Around Athas

Finding a Cook

Time Elapsed this Session: 2 Days.
Time Elapsed between Sessions: Two weeks
Total Time of Athas: Twenty-six weeks and four days.

A few quick things. The party hired various support staff for the keep, including a cook named Bantia Travelsworn and a master blacksmith named Tonust “Zappa” Backbreaker. They were unable to locate a master apothecary, so they traveled to Altaruk to secure the services of one and set up supply routes.

House Wavir, House M’ke, and House Vordon will be supplying the keep for 500gp a month.

Avery Hawknose, while the PCs were in Tyr, apprehended a doppelganger spy. He had an encrypted note on him that I have given to the party.



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