Roving Around Athas

Belegand’s Prophecy and The Third Orb

Belegand’s Prophecy
Who hath walked among the land of the dead,
In trails of trails of tears, blood, sweat, and glee.
Hearts won, minds lost, saviors, wicked, and mad,
Shall you really bring the tyrants to knee?

But first, the Deep One wakes,
Always to the beat of some maddened theme.
Sealed away by our long friend,
Yet ever-sleeping is a fleeting scene.

No matter, history remembers well,
Softening those sickly sweet dreams of yore.
Waiting ever waiting ever wanting,
A taste of your blood and soul, nothing more.

The PCs left Kelethin without Valthrun. For some reason, Valthrun insisted through mind blasting Cvrem that an emergency had come up, plans had changed, and he would meet the party in Pharlos as soon as he could.

The party used the portal in Kelethin’s Temple of Corellion to travel to Pharlos. The Temple-City was under heavy siege by demons at this point, and the party met the Belegand Ildir. As the majordomo of the temple, Belegand had a prophecy for the party, which I have included at the top of this entry. Belegand’s final act was to grant his loyal servant Sager freedom, on the condition that he help the PCs for a small while, at least.

The PCs entered the next room and defeated a group of demons on the cusp of taking the third Orb of Amplification. They were able to kill said demons and take the orb for themselves. At that moment, Dagon’s eye was able to manifest itself in the room. He asked Snapgnaw to give him the orb, as per their agreement. Snapgnaw refused, and had his ability to hover stripped from him. Dagon’s eye vanished, but not before threatening the party on no uncertain terms of their mistake.

Valthrun appeared shortly thereafter. He figured out way to return to Athas from a rift to the Abyss opened by the eye of Dagon. Using Belegand Ildir as a willful sacrafice, Valthrun created mass portal to Athas — Specifically, Tyr. Valthrun shapeshifted into a man known as Yoren Janusen, and handed the party over to the Tyrian authorities.

We ended the session with the party arrested and imprisoned in Tyr.

Time Passed this Session: Less than half a day.
Total Time Elapsed: Eighteen weeks and six days and less than half a day.



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