Roving Around Athas

Beaching Kelethin


After breaking camp, the remaining PCs discovered that Groot and Shalhai disappeared in the middle of the night while the party was sleeping (or, in the case of Shin, slightly spacing out). No trace of them, or their equipment, was found.

Trying to navigate through the Blackwood proved to be rather difficult. Cvrem and Snapgnaw determined there were certain patterns of powerful enchantment cast on the entire forest. They correctly deduced there would need to be some sort of waystone that they would need to find the city of Kelethin proper. This is when the party met Valthrun the Backward, shape-shifted into an elf.

The PCs saw through the ruse with Valthrun; however, they all agreed to truce: Valthrun had most of his cultists wiped out by the packs of manes and various demon hoards. He was pondering his next move at a nearby Runegate to Kelethin when the party stumbled upon him, and decided it would be best to enter the city of Kelethin together and seek a way to either return to Athas or grab the Orb of Amplification and then return to Athas if possible.

The party entered Kelethin under a ruse. Cvrem and Valthrun impersonated elves and turned the party over to the city militia, only to then later orchestrate a prison break. The party noticed how certain white-robed elves and how they can see past shape-shifting.

The party, without Valthrun, entered the Temple to Corellion. Inside was a portal to Phralos. Mildred was here meditating. She was killed by the party, as was the temple guardian. Snapgnaw revealed his ability to hover in order to vanquish the temple guardian.

The party ended the session waiting for Valthrun to arrive in the Temple of Corellion before departing to Pharlos.

Time Passed this Game Session: Four days.
Total time… in the campaign: Eighteen weeks and six days.



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